Citrus Honours FAQS

1. What is Citrus Honours?
Ans: Citrus Honours is an initiative from Citrus Hotels taken to build a relationship with the key influencers of our business - you. This program will give you added benefits for making reservations with us.
2. How do I enroll in the program?
Ans: To enroll into the program, simply login to and register yourself or else you can email us on
3. What is the advantage of the Citrus Honours Program?
Ans: As a member of this program, you can earn reward points on the bookings made at any of the participating properties of the Citrus Hotels. You can track your account through email communication and also by logging on to the program website through your online account.
4. Who is eligible for becoming a member?
Ans: Any Indian national of more than 18 years of age and working as travel desk executive / manager in any corporate. Travel agents, business partners and employees directly or indirectly associated with Citrus Hotels are not eligible.
5. Can I become member even against the policies and rules of my Company?
Ans: Citrus Hotels will not be liable for any consequence whatsoever in case of any dispute between the members and their employers. The discretion in this regards is entirely of the member.
6. Can I transfer my points to another member or exchange /redeem points for cash?
Ans: No, the points cannot be transferred to another member or exchanged for cash.
7. How do I know my point status?
Ans: To check your points status, please logon to our website using your unique member id and password. Alternatively, you can also email us with your query on
8. Where will my gifts be delivered?
Ans: The gift will be delivered to the address that you provide during redemption request.
9. How can I track the gift order delivery?
Ans: The orders placed can be tracked through our website. All you need to do is provide the consignment number.
10. How many points will I get for a reservation?
Ans: Your will be earning 2% of the total revenue generated by your bookings.
11. When are the points awarded?
Ans: The points will be awarded on a monthly basis post verification and approval from Citrus Hotels. In case of the guests rescheduling their stay, you will have to claim the rescheduled booking within 30 days of the check out date through 'Claim Missing Booking' option on the member page. We will need at least 7 working days to settle these claims after due verification. The points will be uploaded to you after payment clearance of the guest staying with us.
12. When and how can I redeem my points?
Ans: The first redemption requires you to have accumulated at least 1000 points in your account.
13. Can I exchange the redeemed product?
Ans: Orders once processed cannot be exchanged or cancelled.
14. How can I get the replacement of broken or malfunctioning products?
Ans: Citrus Hotels will make every possible effort to ensure that the products reach you in safe condition. You will be required to open each consignment in front of the courier person and return the parcel if any sort of breakage is found. In case of product malfunction, you will have to notify the manufacturer directly.
15. Is there any expiry of the points?
Ans: The points will be valid till December 2013 unless notified otherwise by the Citrus Honours Team. However, the decision to continue with the program and validity of points lies solely at the discretion of Citrus Hotels. Citrus Hotels reserve the right of cancelling the program and its benefits to all or some members without assigning any reasons or providing any notice whatsoever.
16. Please help, I have forgotten my password.
Ans: In case you have forgotten your password, kindly log on to our website and answer the security questions by following the mentioned link. Alternatively, you can also email us on
17. How can I cancel my membership?
Ans: For cancelling your membership, please emails us on